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The game of racquets is considered to be the fastest racquet sport in existence. With its origins dating back over 200 years, it is similar to its offspring the game of squash. Racquets is played in a 60’ by 30’ enclosed court with walls extending 30’ high. The ball routinely travels well over a hundred miles per hour, propelled by a long wooden racquet. It is played in both singles and doubles formats in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The North American Racquets Association is the sport’s governing body in the United States and Canada.

The History of Racquets

In its earliest form during the 18th Century, rackets was played in the open on the walls of the yards of the two main debtor’s prisons. 

Statement on the Retirement of James Stout

James Stout, the reigning Singles and Doubles World Rackets Champion has made the decision not to defend his title as Singles World Champion.


James first won the Singles Championship in 2008 by beating incumbent Harry Foster, and went on to defend his title three times in the next 9 years. Notably, he lost just one game in the process, an incredible feat!


Those of us lucky enough to have watched James playing singles over the last eleven years should consider ourselves blessed to have witnessed on of the nest players in the history of the sport.


On behalf of the North American Racquets Association we would like the thank James for gracing us all with your genius on the rackets court over the last decade. James’s brilliance on the rackets court will be missed, though we are glad that he will continue to coach and compete in doubles tournaments.

Doubles World Championship Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your 2018 World Doubles Champions James Stout and Jonathan Larken! They are the first pair to successfully defend their title since 2003, and are playing at their absolute peak. 

Congratulations to Challengers Tom Billings and Richard Owen on a hard-fought championship challenge. Well played! Thank you all for following along. PLAY!

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