September 27, 2017


Dear NARA Member,


Thank you for your membership in the North American Racquets Association. Your support helps the Association run tournaments, pay prize money to our professionals, support new player development and run our website and other communications.


Last season was an exciting season for North American Racquets.  Some of the highlights were NARA members James Stout and Jonathan Larken becoming World Doubles Champions and James Stout and Peter Cipriano winning the British Open Doubles Championship. The NARA board was also proud to see that at least one NARA member won or reached the finals of each of the NARA sponsored tournaments last season.


The NARA board is committed to growing the membership and the development of our players at all levels.


Some of the initiatives we are focused on this season are:


  1. Funding new player development at each club and providing travel subsidies for first time travelers.
  2. Training our Club Professionals- Building on the successful training session we held in Boston in June we are going to hold an annual training session in September each year to improve the level of coaching our club professionals can provide to our members.
  3. Interclub Novice Tournament- April 13-15 2017 in Boston. The format of this new event will be for each club to send at least four players to play in handicapped tournament. Each player will be guaranteed 4 matches over the weekend. The goal is for novice players to have an opportunity to play in several match’s over a tournament weekend and build new friendships from other clubs.
  4. Increasing our membership of NARA and tracking tournament participation to promote growth in the game.


I would also like to thank Jeff Durkes for all his efforts as our communications director and NARA liaison with the UK for touring events. Jeff worked tirelessly to promote the tournaments and keep the racquets community in constant contact through the Facebook page and updating the NARA website. Jeff has decided to pass the mantel on to one of our younger NARA members and I am happy to say Charles Vennat will be taking on this role for the next couple of years.


Although we had a successful season we lost one of the greats in our game with the passing of Denis E Walsh in late December last year. It was incredible to see the support from all the clubs on a cold January day in Boston to pay their respects and support the Walsh family during this difficult time. It is a true testament to the Rackets community and the camaderie we have between all the clubs.


To ensure The Prince will never be forgotten the NARA board has agreed with the Walsh family to nominate a NARA member each season who best represents Denis’ zest for the game on and off the court. The NARA board will review at the annual board meeting the NARA member who best represented the aspects that Denis amplified at each tournament he attended. The winner of the Walsh award will be presented a bow tie that has been designed by the Walsh family the following season. I encourage all the NARA members to get out and tour this season to be eligible to join this exclusive club.


Finally, I would like to give a special thank you to our 2016-2017 Benefactors and encourage you to join them in 2017-2018 season.  To do so, you simply let your NARA rep know, and they can arrange for you to be billed through your club.


NARA BENEFACTORS                                                          

Lucas Walsh Boston Phil Belec Montreal
Matthew Breuer Boston Rick Hart Montreal
Todd Meringoff Boston Jonathan Larken New York
Tim Fulham Boston Willy Bristowe New York
Jeremy Wintersteen Boston Charles Buaron New York
Ryan Hayes Boston Charles Buaron New York
Winston Smith Boston Peter Cipriano New York
Alan Rose Boston Morris Clothier New York
Craig Corrine Boston Kendrik de Koning New York
John Borland Chicago Peter de Svastich New York
Peter Dunne Chicago David Emil New York
Michael Keiser Chicago Adam Inselbuch New York
Jay Leonard Chicago Elihu Inselbuch New York
Marty Kinsella Chicago Mitchell Kelly New York
Steven Moss Chicago Kevin Lusk New York
Rob Wood Chicago Kevin MacGuire New York
Ally Bulley Chicago Peter Pell New York
Colt Landreth Chicago Robert Pilkington New York
Many Tancer Detroit Robert Power New York
Kevin Broderick Detroit Zach Sacks New York
Michael McLernon Montreal Christopher Scott New York
Steve Cook Montreal John Taylor New York
Glenn Chamandy Montreal Will Thompson New York
Steve Chamandy Montreal Donald Wilkinson New York
Dominic Costantini Montreal Jeffrey Yager Philadelphia
Stuart Webster Montreal Ted Laws Philadelphia
John Kalaydjian Montreal Joe Spera Philadelphia
Alex Karakozoff Montreal


Attached is the schedule of NARA tournaments for the upcoming season to help you plan your attendance.   Thank you again for your membership in the North American Racquets Association.  I look forward to seeing you on tour.





Michael McLernon


North American Racquets Association




NARA Fixtures 2017-2018

US Amateur Detroit Racquet Club October 19-22
World Championship Singles Challenge New York Racquet & Tennis Club November 11
Silver Racquets New York Racquet & Tennis Club November 9-12
Jock Soutar Racquet Club of Philadelphia November 16-19
Sales/Price/Walsh Boston Tennis & Racquet Club December 14-17
Kendrick Cup (with Etchebaster) New York Racquet & Tennis Club January 19-21 2018
Canadian Amateur Montreal Racket Club January 25-28 2018
Gold Racquets/Pro Singles The Tuxedo Club February 16-19 2018
US Open Racquet Club of Philadelphia March 7-11 2018
Western Open Racquet Club of Chicago March 15-18 2018
Interclub Boston Tennis & Racquet Club April 13-15 2018