With a modicum of money from each NARA member we are able to encourage quality new entrants into the game through access to bats, some travel stipends and other key ingredients. These ingredients help novice players gently ease their way into the game and to start seeing the physical and social benefits of partaking in our great game. While this money is not deductible we hope that you will consider the highest level of membership with which you are comfortable.

TSRF-LogoIn early 2015 and through the generosity of time and money, the late Thomas Shumaker, Sr established The American Racquets Foundation. Since Tom’s passing, the foundation has been renamed in his honor. Contributions to the Thomas C. Shumaker Racquets Foundation (TSRF) are tax deductible for those tethered to IRS and, in some instances, Canadian donors *may* be able to get a deduction.

The primary aim of the Foundation is to preserve and strengthen our game by making it somewhat more inexpensive for newer players to enjoy both the physical release of a good game of racquets and to also revel in the enormous camaraderie of the racquets community. The TSRF Board will be constantly evaluating the best use of funds once it the Foundation reaches a critical funding level.




Basic Membership
$75 USD
Benefactor Membership
$250 USD

For general NARA membership, please forward a check (made out to NARA) to:

R. Baker Thompson
c/o The Racquet Club of Chicago

1365 N Dearborn Street

Chicago, IL 60610

NARA membership is not tax-advantaged
Consult your tax advisor about contributions to the Thomas C Shumaker Racquets Foundation.