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2016 US Open Draws and Updates (Final)

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James Stout played superbly today at the Racquet & Tennis Club and beat Tom Billings 3-0 (4,0 and 3) to complete the 2016 US Open Singles Championship. With this win, James has gone a full year without dropping a game and has now gone 73 months since his last match loss (British Open final January 2010, Alex Titchener-Barrett 4 games to 3).

Secretariat would’ve been proud.

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Although the scores don’t reflect the competitive nature of this finals match, James Stout and Jonathan Larken had too much in the tank for Neil Smith and Christian Portz. The match was a fierce battle of long rallies and a back corner that kind of stymied whoever was playing that quadrant. The match was extremely entertaining with all four players having tremendous play. Congratulations to the R&Ts Games Committee, the pros who organized, the staff of the R&T, the 5 or 6 fellows in attendance, and various travelers from west of the Hudson River and East of the East River.

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