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2017 Kendrick Cup Winner- Jamie Shea (DRC) | Canadian Championships Start on the 26th

Jamie Shea fought off a hard charging Greg Pearce from Chicago to win the latest Kendrick Cup, held at the Racquet Club of Chicago. A hefty 20 entrants kept markers, ball wrappers, and spectators busy all weekend long. Several came from Detroit, one from NYC, one from Tuxedo Club and a couple from Boston.

In the final, Greg Pearce came out strong in the first game, but Jamie’s youthful play, court sensibilities, and ball-striking proved too much for the local player Pearce. Game scores were 17-14, 5 and 9. Marking was provided by Chicago fellow Ed Hyde (TON), and the referee was Conor Medlow.

Next week’s action takes on a whole new dimension when Bryce Maher and his co-conspirators host the Canadian Championships.

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