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Boston Weekend Recap – Sales/Price/Walsh

On day one, Colt Landreth managed to recover after serving 11 faults in a row and losing game 2 to Dick Ryan, eventually winning 2/1.

Dave Tedeschi and Alan Rose had an excellent match. Alan’s serve was the deciding factor with him winning 2/1.

Tancer vs. Carroll was another high quality match in the 50’s final. Carroll’s movement and measured style came through. He’s definitely a very smooth operator on the court.

Breuer and Rose were up next. After going up 14 – 9 or 10, Breuer then dropped the first game in a set 3, 3-2. Looked like the same thing could happen game 2 as Alan came clawing back from 13-8 but Breuer closed it out at 15 – 12. The final game Breuer got in front early and it stayed that way. Impressive retrieving from Alan but Breuer’s forehand serve was a consistent source of points.

The doubles finals were one sided. The highlight of the doubles was the 40’s with Tancer & Lockhart vs. Breuer & Rose. It was 2/0 but there were some extended points.

Recap courtesy of Lucas Walsh

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