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Kendrick Cup Round-Up

A great time was had by all at the 2020 edition of the Etchebaster/Kendrick Cup. Throughout the weekend, the galleries and stand were full of the almost 30 players that came in to New York for the weekend. Representatives from the clubs in Boston, Philadelphia, Aiken, Montréal, Chicago, and of course New York were all present with trophies on their mind.

On the Tennis side, the 1 seed Tolly Krusen made things look easy marching to the finals, with a victory over Tyler Sloan in the semis. On the other side of the draw, George Wheatley made a fantastic run to the finals, besting Daniel Barrus in the semis before running into a buzz saw in Tolly Krusen in the final.

On the Racquets court, things were shaping up for another all R&T final. Ben Lawrence evidenced his hard work leading up to the Kendrick with some dominating wins leading into the final, despite a hard fought match against Tyler Sloan in the semis. Will Winmill fought through the other side of the draw, running up and down the court and sowing the crowd with his retrieval skills, against Jared Isenthal to setup the all NY final. Ben was able to complete the task and take home the trophy in 3 games, topping it all off with a fist pump to celebrate.

Everyone that watched the matches this past weekend would agree that the future of our two games are looking bright.


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