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Knott-Stephens Tour 2022

The Knott-Stephens Touring Group: "Team Britain"

Jack Dymoke(Captain)

Age: 28


  • Cheltenham College

  • Birmingham University


  • Private Equity Finance

Athletic Background

  • Former Montreal Fellow

  • 5 Golf Handicap

Angus Giddins (Vice Captain)

Henry Prenn

Hector Don

Julius Manton-Jones

Ed Rowell

Will Annetts

Max Dymoke

The Knott-Stephens Tour Schedule

Boston September 26th-September 28th Montreal September 28th-September 30th Detroit September 30th-October 2nd Chicago October 2nd-October 4th Philadelphia October 4th-October 6th New York October 6th - October 8th Tuxedo October 8th - October 9th

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