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New World Doubles Racquets Champs Crowned; Larken and Stout Clinch in NY with a 2-1 Win

The reigning champions (Titchener-Barrett and Portz) shot out to another first game win and led 14-11 in the second game but took on water and lost that thrilling second game 17-14. Alex Titchener-Barrett’s service fault at 15 all (second hand) seemed to open the way for the challengers to tally three straight points for an absolutely cracking good game and win 17-14. The first game went to the champions 15-6. The ATB/Portz created a pace that certainly seemed to take their foes by surprise in those first games.

In the third and final game, Messrs Larken and Stout found their game and pounced quickly by taking leads of 7-0, 10-2 and eventually putting the Championship on ice at 15-5.

Stout found his way to another World Championship and a well-deserved World Championship for Jonathan! Game scores throughout the entire match were 9/15, 8, 8, 5, 4, 6/15, 17/14 and 5.

The host Committee, chaired by Christopher Scott, produced an energetic and full gallery. Kudos to Mr. Scott, Club Manager Robert Gressler, and all who were involved. Tim Chisholm was the marker and Guy Devereux was the referee.

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