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Tuxedo Gold Racquets & US Pro Singles

The 2020 Gold Racquets and US Pro singles weekend was once again a great success.

In the Gold Racquet, Peter Cipriano swept through the draw to win for a 3rd consecutive year beating Harry Purton (Montreal fellow) 15/2 15/4 15/2.

The Professionals event started on Sunday, the attendees Neil Smith, Barney Tanfield, Conor Medlow, Adrian Kemp, Tim Chisholm, Dan Fisher, Leon Smart, Josh Dodgson and John Lumley. The final was contended by Neil Smith and Barney Tanfield, the 1 and 2 seed. The match was competitive throughout , Neil’s classic style of play vs Barney’s hard hitting approach. It was Barney that came out on top, 5/15 15/11 8/15 15/10 15/8. He was sure to thank Neil for passing on all his wisdom in his speech.

Thank you to Tuxedo for their continued support.

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