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Rackets World Championship- 1st Leg

The gallery was full to the rafters for the slightly earlier than usual 11:30am start at Queens Club.

After both players warmed up, pre-match photo taken, John Prenn introduced the players and Ben Bomford readied himself to call the play, ably assisted by referee Peter Brake.

Game one was tentative. Tom, playing in his third World Championship match across singles and doubles was the stronger starter taking an early advantage 9/4 and 12/5 before Alex found his feet, in particular changing to an unorthodox serve, serving on the reverse side from both boxes and got his way back into the game forcing Tom to set 5 at 13 all. Billings eventually taking the first game 18/14.

Game two was more of the same with the addition of some commentary from James Coyne. There were no service runs in the first half of the game until Alex changed to a unorthodox serve from both sides and put together consecutive points building a slight lead. Tom clawed his way back into the game, eventually gaining a 12/10 lead and closing out the game 15/11.

The third game was interrupted with an injury to Alex. Tom had worked towards a strong 9/3 lead when Alex requested an injury or cramp break, play resumed roughly 5 minutes later and Tom wrapped up the game 15/3.

Sadly, game 4 was a procession, Alex never recovered from his injury and Tom kept his head about him closing it out 15/1.

Tom will arrive in Detroit with a 4/0 lead needing 1 game to become World Champion for the first time.

Thank you to the Queens Club and to Alistair Gourlay for putting on a stream for us to watch the game.

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